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Thank you for making the New England Center and Home for Veterans (NECHV) a safe respite with comprehensive assistance for Veterans in our area who are experiencing homelessness. All of our programs and services that help Veterans avoid or overcome homelessness are only possible because of the support of caring friends like you. Please consider donating again to further your impact. 

Housing: Off the Streets, Into Homes

Any Veteran can enter NECHV at any time of the day or night and find a warm, safe place. An average of 350 Veterans are housed at the Center every night. The Veterans served by the Center work individually with skilled, supportive staff to help each gain the skills and resources to rapidly transition from NECHV to independent housing in the community.

The goal of NECHV is to find affordable, sustainable housing for every Veteran it serves and to end Veteran homelessness. Last year, more than 400 Veterans went from living on the streets or without a home to a permanent home as a result of the assistance provided by you through NECHV.

Education and Employment: Self-Help That Works

NECHV’s on-site Veterans Training School (VTS) is a vital resource for Veterans seeking to obtain and retain meaningful employment in today’s competitive, ever-changing job market. In addition to vocational training for fields including computer systems, security, and commercial driving, Veterans receive one-on-one assistance during the job preparation and application process – a personalized approach that gives Veterans the best chance to get their lives back on track.

Last year, 448 Veterans participated in VTS classes, training, and job placement programs.

Clinical and Social Support: Helping Heal Invisible War Wounds

Homelessness among Veterans of any generation can be a result of invisible wounds such as Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), combat stress, depression, and substance use. NECHV provides a lifeline to Veterans struggling with such health problems through our Veterans 360 Program which offers clinical case management and supportive counseling on-site and cost-free.

The Center’s clinical team tailors programs to meet the needs of specific groups of Veterans. The Senior Veteran Wellness Program provides assistance with medication management and healthcare access for Veterans age 65 and older, while NECHV’s Women Veteran Support Program is staffed with case managers who are experienced at the unique challenges women can encounter after their military careers end.

We hope the life-changing impacts of your past contributions will inspire you to continue supporting NECHV and the heroes who sacrificed so much in service to our nation. Please continue to help make an important difference in our Veterans’ lives by making a donation today!