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A Community of Support

The Center welcomes any person who has served this country in uniform. It provides an accommodating and supportive community that interrupts the downward cycle of hopelessness that can so often accompany being without a home. The Center seeks to mitigate and eliminate the disruption and disability that homelessness creates. It provides a home, meals, and connection to the community, resources, a sense of identity and a path to a better future.

During a typical year, the NECHV serves over 60,000 meals and provides transitional housing and residential services to 1,000 Veterans. It also provides community-based, in-home support services to over 500 Veterans to keep them stable and successful in the community before homelessness could occur.

Human Services Programs:

Veteran 360 Programs

Safe Haven

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

Veteran Recovery

Veteran Case Management

Women Veterans Support Program

Senior Veteran Wellness Program

Medical Care:

Boston Healthcare for the Homeless