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Mayor Marty Walsh, the Boston Police Department, the JRROTC, and Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Giselle Sterling visited NECHV to distribute gift bags to Veterans at the Center and spread holiday cheer. The gift bags were packed full of useful necessities, but also included sweet snacks and juices. CEO Andy McCawley and NECHV staff were in attendance to welcome the group and conducted a short tour of the ongoing construction project at the Center.

Veterans enjoyed the opportunity to meet with officers, Mayor Walsh, and Commissioner Sterling, and the group took the time to shake hands and speak with individual Veterans. Veterans were incredibly grateful for the gifts and also for the moral support the visit brought. Thank you to Mayor Walsh, the Boston Police Department, Commissioner Sterling, and the JRROTC for supporting the Veterans of Boston and devoting your time to visit the Center!


Top left – CEO Andy McCawley and Mayor Walsh tour construction; Top right – BPD officer hands a gift bag to a Veteran; Bottom – Mayor Walsh, Commissioner Sterling, BPD officers, JRROTC, and Andy McCawley.