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NECHV Connects with Supporters Through Their Smartphones

New England Center and Home for Veterans has signed on with LetsAllDoGood, a mobile application that helps nonprofits connect with their supporters and communities via smartphones. LetsAllDoGood is a Boston-based business founded by Greg McHale, who also founded charitable auction site BiddingForGood.

Photo of NECHV's LetsAllDoGood Profile

NECHV’s LetsAllDoGoodProfile

NECHV plans to use the app to engage supporters who are interested in staying up to date with volunteer opportunities and special events. Supporters can opt-in to receive real-time push notifications when NECHV posts something new. For example, a supporter who followers NECHV on LetsAllDoGood might receive a push notification asking for last-minute volunteers for the next meal service, or they might receive an alert about a special fundraising event like the Air Force Association Stair Climb.

In the future, NECHV may engage corporate supporters through the app with sponsored posts, but for now the focus is on giving individual supporters the information they want that can sometimes get lost in inboxes or on social media feeds. CJ Beck, NECHV’s Philanthropic Officer of Community Engagement, is excited about the potential the app has to create a more robust volunteer program. “When introduced to the LetsAllDoGood application I was immediately intrigued and excited at the prospect of implementation.  LetsAllDoGood has the capacity to connect users to NECHV on a real-time basis, meeting each person where they are at.  It maximizes the ability for community supporters to give time and resources through their own volition and on an easy-to-use interface.”

LetsAllDoGood is available as a free download for the iPhone in the App Store. The company has plans to release an Android version of the app in the coming months.