Gift-a-Vet Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift-a-Vet?

Gift-a-Vet is the holiday gift giving program for Veterans being served by New England Center and Home for Veterans in downtown Boston. Many choose to make a contribution to help support the program, or donate gift cards.

How do I Gift-a-Vet?

Veterans complete wish lists from October 24th through December 6th which are matched and sent electronically to a sponsor (you!) in a PDF attachment. The sponsor then purchases the gifts indicated by the Veteran that he or she might like to receive.

I sponsored a Veteran last year and am curious about the program this year.  Is there anything different?

Yes. Veterans are now eligible to fill out wish lists for their children, allowing the potential to gift their own families during the holiday season.  It has been determined that this exercise will be therapeutic for those in transition, and may help to alleviate the loneliness felt during the holidays.

Who are eligible to receive gifts?

Veterans residing in NECHV private apartments (SROs), many of them elder, along with Veterans residing in NECHV’s Transitional Housing Program located at 17 Court Street in Boston, as well as their children, and Veteran families being served by the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program at NECHV.

How do I donate to Gift-a-Vet?

Many people, in lieu of purchasing a gift, may make a contribution to the Gift-a-Vet fund. This fund also makes a wonderful holiday tribute and/or memorial gift for loved ones and friends. Please email to find out more about the Gift-a-Vet fund.

How do I get my gift to the Veterans?

Gifts may be dropped off or delivered to the Center beginning on December 16th and continuing daily through December 22nd. Gifts may be dropped off in-person or sent by U.S. Mail or other carrier:

Community Affairs
New England Center and Home for Veterans
17 Court Street
Boston, MA 02108

A Gift-a-Vet gift registration desk will be open during the drop-off period.  However, location and hours are not yet finalized.  Details will be communicated directly to donors prior to December.

How are gifts distributed?

Gifts are distributed at a number of holiday parties at NECHV along with daily distributions beginning on December 16th through to Christmas Eve. Each Veteran is presented their gifts and holiday cards by volunteers and staff at NECHV.  Gifts are distributed in the order they are received and Veterans are informed that their presents have arrived.

How do I know that my Veteran received his gifts?

Each Veteran signs for his gifts in a log-book that confirms receipt.  The receipt also confirms that all of the items have been accounted for, and the Veteran has received every item that was gifted to him/her.

Can I meet the Veteran I am sponsoring?

No.  Gift-a-Vet is a confidential program designed to preserve the privacy and dignity of Veterans served.  We do not inform the Veteran of who the sponsor is, nor do we provide the full name of the Veteran to the sponsor.  Due to the size and scope of the program, together with confidentiality concerns, NECHV cannot make private arrangements for sponsors and Veterans to meet.

How do I volunteer?

To volunteer this holiday season, please contact A limited number of volunteer opportunities are available for both group and individual support.

Must I purchase every item on the wish list?

No. Veterans are informed that this is a wish list with no guarantees. Veterans are also asked to keep their asking limited to simple items that the average person, family, or group of people could afford or purchase together.

Wish lists include items such as clothing, toiletries and supplies – the average things that most people would give during the holiday season. CDs, DVDs, a favorite book, or simple electronic equipment may also be included.

Sponsors may elect or choose the items on the list, purchase in part or in whole, and/or share with friends and family, or other members of their organizations.

When will I receive my Veteran’s wish list?

Wish lists are matched and sent to sponsors in the order that each sponsor registration is received. Once capacity is reached, any new sponsors are asked to supplement gifts with gift cards or direct donations to the Gift-a-Vet fund.

Wish lists are scanned and sent electronically to sponsors.

When does Gift-a-Vet begin?

Gift-a-Vet 2019 begins on October 24th and closes on December 6th.

Sponsors may register to Gift-a-Vet beginning in mid- October. Wish lists will be matched and emailed to sponsors beginning in early November.

Can I adopt more than one Veteran?

Yes, multiple Veteran wish lists are available for individuals, families, as well as groups, organizations and businesses.

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