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Boston BullPen Project Supports Veterans While Encouraging Them to Pay it Forward

The Boston BullPen Project is a local nonprofit that works with social service providers to identify and fill in gaps in support services, such as purchasing home items, or covering rent and utility payments. Since partnering with NECHV, the Boston BullPen Project has paid fees to renew a Veteran’s Massachusetts driver’s license, affording him a wider range of employment opportunities. The organization has also donated funds for art supplies for a Veteran with PTSD and bipolar disorder. Painting is an activity that brings him enjoyment and purpose, and helps to alleviate the anxiety and depression that come with his diagnoses.

The Boston BullPen Project asks that recipients of their generosity “pay it forward” by helping others in need. To give Veterans the opportunity to donate to experience the power of philanthropy, they provide a gift card for the Veteran to pass along to a friend or family member who needs some extra help.

Thank you, Boston BullPen Project, for being the extra helping hand our Veterans need! We look forward to a meaningful partnership.

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