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Information for Our Community About Our Response to COVID-19

Dear Friends of the Center,

I would like to thank our community of support for your outreach and concern. The New England Center and Home for Veterans has been working closely with our public and private partners throughout this COVID-19 health emergency to minimize and mitigate its effect on the 350 or more Veterans who are receiving support and care from our Staff each day. I want to provide you some insight into the mitigation measures that the Center has affected, to ensure the continuity of services are maintained as the circumstances develop and the emergency potentially deepens.

The Veterans whom the NECHV serves – both here at 17 Court Street, and out in the community in their own homes, are some of the nation’s most vulnerable Veterans. Many are also susceptible to COVID-19 and may have a greater risk of severe complications if the disease is contracted. In addition to working with our government and community partners to prevent and/or impede the spread of the coronavirus; we are also closely focused on the Center’s more immediate and close-to-home responsibility of safeguarding the health and welfare of our Veteran residents.

We have implemented internal public health and disease prevention protocols, and have incorporated aggressive administrative measures, including; eliminating visitors, restricting all but essential building access, reduced Staffing, social distancing and regular and frequent professional cleaning and sanitization to combat the potential introduction or transmission of COVID-19.

The NECHV’s commitment remains to provide the best and most effective service and support programs to our Veterans. This is a serious health threat that may get worse before it improves or is resolved. With these and other measures; along with the important partnership and collaboration we enjoy within our community, I am confident that we will be able to continue to meet the challenge, and support those who have served throughout this COVID-19 emergency.

Andy McCawley

President and Chief Executive Officer


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