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Each year, the USS Constitution hosts Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Selects for a 2 week-long training in a variety of time-honored maritime evolutions while living and working aboard the ship as part of the United States Navy’s Heritage Weeks. These weeks are part of a Navy-wide, dedicated preparation and initiation program run specifically by current Navy Chief Petty Officers to prepare CPO Selects to be promoted.

In years past, the New England Center and Home for Veterans has opened its doors for these honored sailors, introducing them to the work and mission of NECHV and putting the sailors to work in a variety of volunteer efforts. 117 sailors paid a visit to NECHV on August 24th and a second group will come to the Center on August 31st.  Attending each event, as well as welcoming the CPO Selects to the NECHV area, will be Force Master Chief Garry McClure, US Navy (Retired).

So far, the CPO Selects have provided valuable assistance helping NECHV staff move their offices as construction on the building enters Phase 3. They also worked closely with the SSVF staff  and Operations staff, and spent time with Veterans as they scooped ice cream during the lunch hour. NECHV is grateful to the CPO Selects for all their hard work and service, and looks forward to welcoming a second group back to the Center on the 31st!

See photos from the first day of the CPO Selects’ visits:

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