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Volunteers from Deloitte joined NECHV’s Veterans Training School (VTS) to work with Veterans on showcasing themselves and their experience in marketable ways when looking for jobs.

On November 4th, Deloitte employees visited VTS and met one-on-one with Veterans to help them put their best foot forward when looking for employment. Volunteers and Veterans first reviewed their resumes together, and then worked on developing pitches that drew on their strengths to prepare for job interviews.

After the sessions, VTS Director Damien Rudzinski led Deloitte employees and Veterans in an exercise where both groups shouted out words and phrases that described their takes on the visit. Veterans described the workshop as “successful”, “productive”, “informative”, and “enlightening”. Deloitte employees described the event as rewarding.

The workshop, which drew a strong Veteran turnout, provided a way for community members to get involved with the work that NECHV does on a face-to-face basis. NECHV is grateful to the volunteers that gave their valuable time and expertise to the Veterans, who will surely be able to take what they have learned and apply it to their own goals.

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