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Safe Haven Program

Safe Haven serves ten chronically homeless Veterans in need of immediate placement in a safe environment with onsite supportive services. Many of these Veterans have conditions that include serious mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, and other serious medical conditions.

The goal of the program is to rapidly stabilize Veterans’ medical, mental health, substance abuse and other psychosocial problems in order to place Veterans in other appropriate transitional or permanent housing within sixty to ninety days, but no more than one-hundred and eighty days.

Veterans are placed in a safe, supportive, residential setting while addressing Veterans’ complex needs through on-site supportive case management services. The target population for this program is chronically homeless, chronically mentally ill Veterans and Veterans with chronic substance abuse disorders and/or serious medical problems and complex needs.

Based on these factors, Veterans who are considered high priority for this program have been determined to be highly vulnerable with a high likelihood of death due to homelessness, and have been unable or unwilling to participate in more traditional supportive services.

To be eligible for the Safe Haven Program, Veterans must be assessed by the local VA Medical Center and meet the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for VA health care
  • Be determined to be chronically street homeless
  • Be assessed and found to have serious medical, mental health, substance abuse, or other serious psychosocial conditions or stressors that makes the Veteran an unlikely candidate for more traditional supportive services
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