Third Party Fundraising Guidelines and Policies

Please take a moment to read our guidelines before filling out the Third Party Fundraising Application.

  • You must complete and submit your Third Party Fundraising Application to the NECHV at least 30 days before your proposed activity. Approval from a New England Center and Home for Veterans (hereafter referred to as “NECHV” or “the Center”) representative must be received before NECHV name or logo use is permitted.
  • Applications are for one-time use. Annual or otherwise recurring events will require a new application submission for approval.
  • NECHV reserves the right to deny any application for a fundraising activity that does not reflect the mission and values of the Center.
  • NECHV’s logo and any third party promotional materials must be pre-approved. The logo can not be used for any other purpose other than what is described in the Third Party Fundraising Application.
  • Promotional materials must clearly state that the event is “to support the New England Center and Home for Veterans” or that “proceeds benefit the New England Center and Home for Veterans,” followed by the NECHV logo. Nowhere can they state that NECHV is a sponsor or co-sponsor.
  • When referencing the Center in promotional materials, please reference us by our full name (The New England Center and Home for Veterans), and not by the abbreviation NECHV.
  • You must notify the New England Center and Home for Veterans if other organizations will benefit from this event/promotion.
  • All sponsors of the event need to be disclosed to the New England Center and Home for Veterans. If your event includes soliciting local businesses for cash or in-kind support, please include your prospect list to ensure solicitations do not conflict with existing relationships or development plans.
  • The New England Center and Home for Veterans, its employees, volunteers, and members, are not responsible for any injuries, damage, or theft sustained during the event and cannot assume any type of liability for your event, participants, volunteers, or employees. We cannot provide liability insurance or coverage for third party events and fundraisers.
  • Reasons for denial of application include, but are not limited to: 1) event does not support the NECHV mission, 2) no system to ensure accountability of funds raised, 3) the proposal would conflict with existing philanthropic relationships, 4) the project would conflict with NECHV objectives.

Other Information to Consider

It’s important to note that if you are planning an event that involves working with your city, organization, or school, permitting may be required. The types of events that normally require this kind of permitting are:

  • Any race that runs through a town or city
  • Motorcycle, car, or bicycle rides
  • Any event held on public grounds like a city hall, public park, public walkway, etc.
  • College fraternities, sororities, or club fundraising events held on college grounds

Depending on the type of fundraising activities you are doing and who you may be doing it with (ie: a specific bowling alley for a bowling tournament), some spaces may require a W9 and expressed letter of consent from NECHV in order for you to put on the event. We encourage you to contact potential venues and ask specifically about this request, and if needed, please inform the NECHV representative who follows up on your application.

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